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BGGP5: Download


Create the smallest file that downloads this text file and displays its contents.


A valid submission will:

Example Entry:


wget https://binary.golf/5/5
cat 5
$ ./bggp5.sh
Another #BGGP5 download!! @binarygolf https://binary.golf


The smallest entry of each file type wins.

Polyglot files are counted as one file type representing the specific file combination.

Bonus points are awarded to those who publish a writeup before the end of the competition!

How To Enter

This year we've made it even easier to submit a BGGP entry!

Please create a new issue on the BGGP repo and follow the instructions for creating an entry.



The Binary Golf Association would like to formally give a shoutout to: the BGGP community near and far, our new BGGP Verifier Team, Haunted Computer Club (slop), and the tmp.0ut crew.

Big shout out to our fav active hacker zines for giving us inspiration

We were also inspired by winners of the LangSec Bugs Of the Year Awards!

Shoutout to ic3qu33n for doing a talk about her BGGP4 entry (and more!) at OffensiveCon

Site layout and content by netspooky, css fixups by retr0id, image support from ackmage, additional site layout work by morpheush3x. This year's flyer was designed by the legendary birth.create.rot.


Q: What Is BGGP???

The Binary Golf Grand Prix is a yearly contest to create the smallest file that does a specific thing. Inspired by code golf and file format hacking, Binary Golf is the practice of creating tiny binary files, polyglots, or weird machines.

BGGP is a 100% volunteer-run community event that encourages people to play with files, seek new perspectives, and challenge their own ideas about what is possible. We do not have any sponsorships, partnerships, corporate backing, or government endorsement.

BGGP5 will run from June 21 2024 to September 6 2024.

Q: Can my entry use command line arguments or environment variables?

A: Yes! If your program needs to use these, it will be mentioned in the repo.

Q: Can my entry be an exploit or shellcode?

A: Yes! As long as we are able to verify that it works.

Q: Can my entry be an obscure download feature of an existing program?

A: If you can come up with an interesting small invocation that can fit in a script, or if this specific technique isn't widely documented, then go for it! It will be classified as a script, and not an independent entry for the program used (eg. smallest curl invocation).

Q: Can I submit multiple entries?

A: Yes! Please only send one entry for each file type or polyglot file combination.

Q: Can I make updates to my entry?

A: Yes, but we kindly ask you to only update your entry once during the competition. Each entry is verified before it is put into the repo, so we ask that you be respectful of the volunteer verifier team's time :))

You may find yourself with a lot of tweaks or alternate techniques for your entry. You should corral those ideas together and write something to share! Consider a blog, a conference talk, or submit a paper to a hacker zine.

Q: Can I share my entry before BGGP5 is over?

A: You sure can! Feel free to use the hashtag #BGGP5 and tag @binarygolf on Twitter or Mastodon.

Q: Where can I chat with people about BGGP?

A: We have a Discord, come hang!

Q: Do you have any questions for me?

A: Why yes,

  • What's the most obvious way to download a file?
  • What's the least obvious way to download a file?
  • How did people download files before the internet?
  • Can you download a file from the internet without using the internet directly?
  • What's the most convenient way to download a file?
  • What's the least convenient way to download a file?
  • If you could download any file, what would it be?